Trade enquiry Form

Thank you for your interest in exhibiting at the 2016 Countryman’s Fair. If you are interested in booking a Trade Stand please complete our initial online enquiry form below.  Alternatively you can download the Countryman’s Fair Reply Slip or the Craft Stand Form and send with your cheque to the address given.

Click on: Countryman’s Fair Application form

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Sites greater than 20ft are available by arrangement

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N.B. Catering organisations should please not apply as the catering rights are being tended for separately


1.The organizers will not be liable or responsible if for any reason the Fair is abandoned or the period of its advertised duration is curtailed and will not be responsible for the safe custody of any article brought to the event nor any loss or damage that may occur to any article.

2.Trade Stand holders who have reserved stands and paid their site charges will be admitted to the site on Saturday 6th August and between 6am and 9am the morning of the event. Trade stands will be dismantled and the site cleared immediately after the event closes.

3.Charitable Organisations will not be allowed to collect money nor to sell raffle or other tickets for money, but can sell goods for cash. The organizers reserve the right to require any organization which breaches this condition to leave the ground immediately.

4.The organizers reserve the right to refuse any application for a Trade Stand without giving a reason.

5.There will be a 30% discount for registered charities subject to conditions above.

6.Applicants are asked to provide a copy of their Employers, if applicable, and Public Liability Insurance with their application.